Business and Commercial Law

Dellios West & Co is able to provide advice in all areas of business and commercial law.

We can partner with you from the very start of your business idea, whether it is finding the right structure for your business venture or buying a franchise, until the end where you may be looking to sell your business or implement succession planning.

With many years of experience, we understand business and are able to provide you with general guidance and advice, partnering with you to minimise risk and help make your business a success.   We can help you with the many legal and compliance issues that can arise whilst running a business.

Our service offering includes:

      • Buying and selling businesses
      • General advice
      • Franchises and licences
      • Partnership agreements and disputes
      • Joint venture planning
      • Company structures and law
      • Trade Practices law
      • Trusts
      • Taxation law and planning
      • Liquor and other licensing law
      • Foreign investment and trade
      • Fair trading law
      • Debt recovery and counselling
      • Copyrights and intellectual property
      • Clubs, Associations and Charities
      • Business law and consulting
      • Banking, finance and securities

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